Introduction to this document

Customer satisfaction note

If you work in the customer service sector, or the building trades, head off customer disputes and get paid quicker by using our satisfaction note.

Cover your position

As your job comes to an end, but before you send out your invoice, ask your customer to inspect your work and sign the satisfaction note. That way, the customer won't have any legal grounds to refuse to pay your invoice promptly, thus reducing the chance of any dispute improving your cash flow.

How does the note help?

A court should conclude from the note that the customer was satisfied when the note was signed. If the matter comes to court, the customer would have an uphill battle to prove this was not the case because their signature clearly indicates otherwise.

Additional work?

The note can also cover work ordered by the customer subsequent to the original quote or estimate. The note gives you the opportunity to formally record the additional work which, after signature by the customer, gives you the written authority to present your invoice accordingly.

Stage payments?

If you are being paid on a stage payment basis, the signed note should also ensure that the final payment is paid promptly (because once again the customer may be deemed to have waived any objections they may have had). This may prove important, because, of course, as the job comes to an end, you no longer have the option of stopping work in order to get paid.

Passing the risk

Finally, ownership of any goods delivered as part of the contractor's job passes to the customer when they sign, so the risk of theft of damage becomes theirs and not yours.