Introduction to this document

Flow chart - close, dissolve and strike off a company

If you no longer need a company, you can apply to Companies House to have it struck off. Before you do this several conditions must be met. The procedure itself is simple. However, you must also ensure that before the strike off is completed the company has no assets.

Flow chart

Follow our Flow Chart - Close, Dissolve and Strike Off a Company to guide you through the process of removing an unwanted company.

Definitions for the flow chart:

  • Relevant activity - anything except one which is necessary for the purpose of:
    • making the application for strike off, e.g. seeking professional advice or paying the filing fee for the strike-off application
    • concluding the affairs of the company, e.g. settling business debts
    • complying with any statutory requirement, e.g. filing a tax return
    • realising the value of property or rights that it held immediately before ceasing all business
  • Form DS01 - the application to have a company struck off which can be downloaded at