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Letter to HMRC  - problems with online filing

If you’ve missed the deadline for submitting your VAT return online (or paying your VAT electronically), you might be let off the hook where you can show this was caused by IT problems.

Explain why

If you were unable to file your VAT return online because of problems with HMRC’s VAT Online Service, you should write to HMRC explaining why. Enclose any evidence of the steps you took.  

The sort of evidence that counts in your favour includes:

 a copy of the printout of the relevant page from the HMRC website to prove what and when you were advised by its site about known problems

 a copy of the screen print/file note of the error message details showing that the HMRC site itself was unavailable

 copies of an exchange of e-mails between you and your commercial software provider about any known glitches

 and if after trying the recommendations, you continued to experience a problem and contacted HMRC’s VAT Online Services helpdesk on 0300 200 3701, provide a copy of your file note showing time and date of your call and the advice you were given.

Use our Letter to HMRC - Problems with Online Filing to help you compose your request for any surcharges etc. to be rescinded.



letter to HMRC - problems with online filing

01 Sep 2016
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