Introduction to this document

Copyright licence agreement

You’re always being asked whether other businesses can copy some of your material. In the past you’ve agreed without ever formalising the arrangement or charging a fee. Our model copyright licence agreement shows what you should be using in future.

Why bother?

It’s a good question. There’s more than enough red tape in business already so why make matters worse? And besides you’d rather keep things informal with your business colleagues. That’s fine. But in today’s highly litigious world you have to think about protecting your business. After all, you’ve spent years and a considerable amount of money developing, e.g., your own promotional material, why let someone else use it free of charge?

Sensible protection

Using our model licence form will give you all the protection you need. You don’t need to spell out what will happen if the licensee breaches a term. However, having something in black and white that spells out what you’ve agreed to will mean that there’s no room for “interpretation”. Adapt our form to suit your needs - aim to make it as specific as you can. And don’t forget the licence fee. It could be a nominal sum or something much more significant - it really depends on your circumstances and what you can negotiate.