Introduction to this document

Acknowledgement of alteration of terms
to an order

If your customer orders some goods but
then subsequently changes their mind and decides to alter the terms of the order, use this letter to protect your position.


Most order changes are made by phone and fax. But often the customer does not confirm the new position in writing, which may lead to problems.

When the customer calls, complete the model letter to clarify the position for the record. Send the completed letter by fax or post in duplicate (that way they can keep one copy for their records and easily sign and return the other copy as proof of receipt). If possible do all this the same day you hear from your customer.

It is not essential that you get a receipt from the customer. This is because the letter states that the customer will be deemed to have agreed the alteration if they fail to state otherwise. But it is preferable because this would defeat any claim from the customer that they never received the letter at all.

“But it never arrived

To deal with any claim from the customer that they did not receive any letters from you at all, keep a record of your covering letter sent either with the letter or by fax.