Introduction to this document

Invoice reminder letter

If your customer has failed to pay your invoice (and you know the quality of your work and materials is good and that there is no business reason why they haven’t paid), use this reminder letter to encourage payment and to cover your legal position should the matter come to court.

Purpose of letter

In essence, the letter puts an obligation on the debtor both to acknowledge receipt of the letter (thus getting them actively involved in the process) and to offer any reason why they haven’t paid their bill. If the debtor offers a plausible reason not to pay, then of course you should deal with the objection.

If the debtor still declines to pay after receipt of this letter, use our pre-action letter as the next stage of the debt collection process.


Try delivering the letter personally and/or send it by fax to your customer to ensure he has no grounds to complain to the court that they did not receive it.

Debt collection - general rules

Each stage of the debt-collection process must be more serious than the last, otherwise the debtor will question the seriousness of your process and become less likely to pay. So if your reminder letter fails, it is essential to move on to the next stage of a pre-action letter. To retain credibility, it is important if you make a threat to ensure that you take appropriate steps.