Introduction to this document

Letter confirming verbal order

By law you can make a contract to buy or sell goods or services without having anything in writing between the parties. To avoid ending up in an expensive dispute, put details of the agreement in writing in a letter formally confirming the order.

Dial an order

Verbal orders are fine provided there are no misunderstandings between the buyer and seller. This is because if the matter came to court, there would be no written evidence to support the contract.

If your staff agree to buy something over the phone, known as distance selling, make sure they send something in writing to confirm the deal by using our confirmation letter.

Standard terms

This is especially important if your company has standard terms and conditions or a special order form which will only apply if they are sent to the other party. Our letter will ensure the standard terms are incorporated (unless the supplier objects within, say, two days).


Don’t forget that if you’re selling goods to a consumer (i.e. they’re not buying from you in the course of their business) and you’re not doing this “face to face”, the Distance Selling Regulations are likely to apply to your contract. If this is the case, the consumer is entitled to certain rights, e.g. the right to cool off, and your contract is required by law to contain information. Our contract assumes you’re only selling to businesses.