Introduction to this document

Letter disputing an invoice

If you work on an informal basis with suppliers without the use of standard terms and conditions, use our letter to deal with any part of the supplier’s invoice which you find unacceptable.

How to protest?

Say you have ordered some goods or services from a supplier. For one reason or another neither of you gets around to using your standard terms and conditions. Then you discover a charge for the goods, which is way out of line with your expectations.

There are no strict legal rules to follow to dispute an invoice. But you must make some form of objection to the supplier as quickly as possible, failing which you might be deemed to have accepted the terms of the invoice.


Send our letter either by fax or post, advising the supplier of your objection to whichever part of the invoice you are disputing.

Alternatively, take a copy of the invoice and write, “invoice disputed” across the front and send it back to the supplier.

Be careful

If you can, make sure you include the words “no admission is made about the terms of the invoice”. That way, if the case comes to court, the lawyers for the other side cannot turn around and say that you agreed by implication to some other part of the invoice.