Introduction to this document

Minute - appointment
of director(s)

The company is looking to appoint a new director. Use our draft minutes to ensure that everything’s above board in the boardroom.


Before the current directors decide to appoint a new director to the board, it’s as well to check beforehand that they’ve actually got the power and authority to make the appointment. The place to look is in the company’s articles. Any well drawn-up articles of association will allow the directors to appoint new directors.


Once the board has sanctioned the appointment, it’s a good idea to document this by getting the chairman to sign off the minutes which can then be kept as a record. It’s also a legal requirement - the records must be kept at the company’s registered office and be open for inspection by other directors, but not by the shareholders.

Following the appointment of a new director, don’t forget either to inform Companies House by completing and sending off Form AP01 - the new director must also sign this.

It’s very prudent, when appointing a new director, to not only run through the company’s articles, but also to go through the statutory “general duties” under the Companies Act 2006, that all directors are expected to adhere to.