Introduction to this document

Letter to court to request judgment -
not a fixed amount

You’ve issued a claim but you’re not in a position to fix the amount. The defendant’s not filed a defence. Use our letter to send to the court with Form N205B to enter judgment against them in default.


If you weren’t able to quantify the amount when you issued your claim, you would have been sent or given a Form N205B. If no defence has been filed within either 14 or 28 days (this only applies if an acknowledgment was served by the defendant) then you’re free to enter judgment “in default”. Use the bottom part of this form to request the court to make an order that the defendant is liable for your claim. Once you’ve done this, a judge will decide whether a court hearing is necessary and what, if anything, is needed to help the judge decide how much your claim is worth.


Once time’s up for a defence to be filed, press on as quickly as possible with your application for judgment. No benefit is to be gained by delaying your application.