Introduction to this document

Request for payment of
judgment post-admission

The defendant’s admitted your claim and made an offer to pay which you find unacceptable. Use our letter to send to the court together with Form N205A giving your reasons why.


The defendant’s completed and returned Form N9A (admission form) and also set out how they’d like to pay you. If you’re unhappy with their proposal, e.g. they’ve offered to pay only a nominal sum each month and it will therefore take ages to clear the debt, then complete the bottom part of Form N205A stating your objections and what you’d be willing to accept. The court will review the defendant’s proposal and your response - this is called entering judgment “by determination”.

And if we don’t agree?

You’re not bound by the court’s decision. You can request a district judge to review the court’s decision by asking for an appointment. Use Form N244 to do this. You’ll then have to show up to a hearing before the judge together with the defendant. The judge will then make further enquiries about the defendant’s finances and decide whether or not they can pay more than they’ve offered.


Once the court has made its initial decision, unless you can clearly show non-disclosure on the part of the defendant regarding their financial position, then it’s unwise to take things any further and request an appointment with the district judge.