Introduction to this document

Agreement to exclude security of tenure -
less than 14 days’ notice

You’ve found the premises you like and agreed terms with the landlord - you’re also contracting out of the Landlord and Tenant 1954. However, you’re in a tearing hurry to get in and can’t hang around for 14 days to elapse before your landlord can serve the warning notice on you to explain the repercussions of contracting out. All’s not lost, because our form will enable you to move in and still comply with the Act, as far as contracting out is concerned.


If neither you nor the landlord can wait for 14 days, or don’t want to, it’s possible to still contract out as long as you make a statutory declaration before an independent solicitor to confirm that you’re aware that you’re contracting out and what this actually means.


Before the Act was amended, the only way you could contract out was by applying to the court. This was both time consuming and expensive and is, consequently, history.