Introduction to this document

Self-employed pages review

Before filing a tax return it’s a good idea to carry out last minute health checks with a view to reducing the chance of it being selected for an enquiry. This is especially important if you are self-employed.

Check your answers

Before submitting any return you should compare all your answers with a copy of last year’s return. Satisfy yourself that you can explain any variances in the figures and if these are substantial, write an explanation in the “additional information” box (otherwise known as the white space). In particular, if you have any self-employed income, it’s likely you will need to fill in supplementary pages and include them with your main personal tax return. Checking your answers are consistent with last year’s is a good place to start as HMRC’s pre-enquiry screening techniques pick up on any variances. In addition, use the questions in our Self-employed Pages Review to reduce the chances of being selected for an enquiry.