Introduction to this document

Performance progress record

Use our performance progress record to track the improvements, or lack of improvement, in an employee’s performance during the review period following the issuing of a formal performance warning. You should use it at regular intervals, such as fortnightly or monthly.

Performance management process

Where you’ve instituted formal action against an employee under the terms of your capability procedure and issued them with a performance warning because of their poor performance due to lack of capability, you need to not only have advised them of the areas in which they’ve not met the required performance standards but also you should have outlined how they need to improve and how long they’re being given to improve, e.g. three or six months. You should also confirm what you’re going to do to help them, such as additional training or supervision. During that review period, you then need to meet with them on a regular basis, say fortnightly or monthly, to discuss the progress they’re making (if any) and where they’re still falling short. These meetings won’t, of themselves, result in warnings as they’re not formal capability meetings but they are an important part of a fair performance management process. If the employee fails to reach the required standards by the end of the review period, you would then move to the next stage in your capability procedure, normally a final performance warning, and thereafter you should follow the same process to monitor progress.

A record of progress

Our Performance Progress Record enables you to keep a record of the employee’s progress during the review period and you should complete one following every fortnightly/monthly meeting that you hold. It allows you to set out a summary of the performance issues that were highlighted in the performance warning and the improvements that were required. You can then identify the specific areas where the employee has improved, confirm what performance issues still remain and provide a summary of the employee’s overall progress. In addition, if any changes are required to the performance improvement programme, you can insert them into the record. Finally, there’s a box for the employee to add their own comments. One copy will then go to the employee and the other will go on their personnel file.