Introduction to this document

Time to train appeal meeting letter

Where you’ve declined (or only partially accepted) an employee’s application for time to train, under the statutory procedure they have a right of appeal. Use our time to train appeal meeting letter if they do decide to appeal.

Written appeal

If an employee wishes to appeal against your refusal of their time to train application, they must do so in writing within 14 days of their receipt of your time to train rejection letter. Where you only accepted part of their proposal because they requested more than one type of study or training, you will have sent them a time to train acceptance letter but they still have a right of appeal against the part of their proposal that you rejected. Again, the appeal has to be made in writing within 14 days of their receipt of your letter. The employee’s notice of appeal must be dated and set out their grounds of appeal, so if it doesn’t do so, you’re entitled to go back to them to ask them to particularise their grounds before you proceed.

Appeal meeting

If the employee exercises their right of appeal, you must arrange an appeal meeting with them within 14 days of receipt of their appeal notice - use our Time to Train Appeal Meeting Letter for this. If possible, a different manager should hear the appeal to the one who considered the initial request. The employee also has exactly the same right to be accompanied at the appeal meeting as at the initial meeting, i.e. by a fellow employee. The employee’s companion can address the meeting and confer with the employee during it, but they may not answer questions independently of the employee. After the appeal meeting, you then need to notify your decision in writing within 14 days. However, be aware that if you’re happy to accept their appeal as it stands, there’s no need for a meeting and you can simply write to the employee setting out the same information as is required when accepting an initial request (see our Time to Train Acceptance Letter).