Introduction to this document

Confirmation of no further disciplinary action

Whilst the outcome of most disciplinary hearings will result in the imposition of some form of disciplinary sanction against the employee, occasionally it will be the case that no further action is to be taken. In this case, the employee should still receive confirmation of this in order to formally conclude the disciplinary process.

No case to answer

Following a disciplinary hearing, you might decide that the employee should receive no disciplinary penalty in relation to the allegations. This is usually because either the allegations against the employee have not been proved to your satisfaction or they have put forward a perfectly sensible and logical explanation for what at first appeared to be misconduct. This scenario is usually relatively rare, however, because normally a decision will have been taken that there is no case to answer during the investigation stage. A good investigation, which usually includes interviewing the employee and any other relevant witnesses as well as digging up appropriate documentary evidence, should ensure that cases without merit are not taken to disciplinary hearing in the first place. Our Confirmation of No Further Disciplinary Action letter is for use in those few cases where no sanction is to be imposed on the employee following a disciplinary hearing. It can also be used where you decide not to impose a formal disciplinary penalty following the hearing but instead you wish to informally counsel the employee about their misconduct (because, for example, the misconduct was minor or there were important mitigating factors).