Introduction to this document

Letter confirming trial flexible working arrangement

At the end of a flexible working trial period, you will either wish to confirm or revoke it, according to whether it’s been successful or not. Use our letter confirming trial flexible working arrangement to confirm it and make the arrangement permanent.

Successful trial period

Towards the end of a trial period of a flexible working arrangement, you should meet with the employee to openly discuss how it has gone for both parties and then, assuming the employee still wishes to make the flexible working arrangement permanent, you need to make a business decision. Either you will agree to continue it on a permanent basis because you are of the view that the trial period was a sufficient success, or you will want to revoke it because it has not worked to meet the needs of the business. Our Letter Confirming Trial Flexible Working Arrangement provides that you are now willing to continue the temporary arrangement on a permanent basis and therefore sets out the permanent changes to the employee’s working pattern and terms and conditions of employment. It also warns the employee that, as this is a permanent change, they cannot just change back to their previous working pattern at a later date, for example if their circumstances change or they grow tired of the arrangement. So it gives them one last chance to opt out of the arrangement being permanent and to go back to their old terms.