Introduction to this document

Outcome of flexible working appeal meeting letter

If you reject an employee’s request for a flexible working arrangement, the Acas Code of Practice on Handling in a Reasonable Manner Requests to Work Flexibly says that you should allow them to appeal the decision. Whilst there are no set time periods for dealing with an appeal, all flexible working requests, which includes any appeals, must be considered and decided on within a period of three months from first receipt, unless you agree with the employee to extend this period.

Appeal meeting

If you decline an employee’s flexible working request, the employee should be allowed to lodge a written appeal against your decision. If this happens, you should hold an appeal meeting with them. You should then carefully consider the employee’s appeal, make a practical business assessment on it and notify your decision to them, ideally in writing. Our Outcome of Flexible Working Appeal Meeting Letter will help you deal with notifying your decision on the employee’s appeal.

Possible outcomes

There are two possible outcomes to the appeal:

 it’s accepted (whether this is an acceptance of the employee’s original flexible working request or as a result of a compromise reached at the appeal meeting) - in this case, like the Flexible Working Acceptance Letter, your letter should set out details of the new work pattern, which, unless specifically agreed otherwise, represents a permanent change to the employee’s terms and conditions of employment, and establish a start date (we have, however, included an option for you to have agreed with the employee that the change will be for a temporary defined period only)

 it’s rejected - in this case, like the Flexible Working Rejection Letter, your letter should provide the relevant business ground or grounds for refusal of the appeal and set out why that particular ground or grounds apply in the circumstances.

Our letter covers both of these two outcomes as optional paragraphs. Note. Your decision on any appeal should be the final stage of a reasonable procedure and the employee cannot then make a further flexible working application for twelve months.