Introduction to this document

Satisfactory probationary period letter

Use our satisfactory probationary period letter to confirm an employee’s successful completion of their probationary period. If the employee was subject to a lesser notice period during probation, make sure they understand that the greater notice period will now apply to their continued employment.

Satisfactory completion

The majority of employees who are subject to a probationary period will be entirely satisfactory and you will therefore wish to confirm their appointment at the end of their probationary period. In this case, you simply need to use the Satisfactory Probationary Period Letter to confirm the successful completion of their probation and their continued employment.

Contractual benefits

You may well have outlined different contractual notice arrangements during the probationary period so as to enable you or your employee to have terminated the employment relationship relatively quickly during this time if things weren’t working out. Other contractual or discretionary benefits may also be dependent on the employee’s successful completion of the probationary period, for example, joining a bonus scheme or becoming entitled to private medical care. In this scenario, you may also wish to confirm to the employee the relevant changes to notice periods or new contractual or discretionary benefits that will now apply.