Introduction to this document

Letter following SOSR or statutory bar appeal meeting

After holding an appeal against the decision to dismiss an employee on some other substantial reason (SOSR) or statutory bar grounds, you need to formally notify them in writing of the outcome. The decision on an appeal is final.

A final decision

After hearing what the employee has to say as part of their appeal, and after considering any new evidence that they produce, there are two possible outcomes. The first is that you decide to reject the appeal, so the dismissal decision stands. The second option is that you uphold the employee’s appeal. This normally means reinstating them into employment as if they had never been dismissed and in that case you would then normally need to pay back-pay to cover the period between the employee’s dismissal and their reinstatement. Use our Letter Following SOSR or Statutory Bar Appeal Meeting to notify the employee in writing of the outcome of their appeal and to clarify that the appeal decision is final.