Introduction to this document

Notice of SOSR or statutory bar appeal meeting

An employee has no statutory right to appeal against an SOSR or statutory bar dismissal. However, you should still give them an opportunity to appeal as part of an overall fair procedure. Use our letter when an employee appeals against an SOSR or statutory bar dismissal decision, to inform them of the date and time of the appeal meeting.

On appeal

To comply with general principles of fairness, you should allow an employee the chance to appeal against any decision reached to dismiss them either on some other substantial reason (SOSR) or statutory bar grounds. This means, if the employee does appeal, someone other than the original decision-maker should consider the facts, and any new evidence, at an appeal meeting to see if they agree with the dismissal decision reached. The appeal chair should also preferably be more senior than the original decision-maker. In small organisations where it’s just not possible to have a different manager hear the appeal, the person dealing with the appeal should act as impartially as possible. Use our Notice of SOSR or Statutory Bar Appeal Meeting to invite the employee to an appeal meeting and to set up the date and time of that meeting. After the appeal meeting, the chair should notify the employee in writing of the final decision.