Introduction to this document

Environmental incident investigation policy and procedure

If a pollution incident occurs, it’s essential to act promptly. Use our policy and procedure to ensure the correct response.

Systematic response

Our Environmental Incident Investigation Policy and Procedure will support managers to take the right steps when you suspect that a pollution event has been caused by your activities. By drawing up this document in advance and implementing its contents your staff will be ready to respond effectively to mitigate any damage. Additionally, managers will understand how to investigate the incident and move swiftly to ascertain the improvements which are required to prevent a recurrence. This can help with the public relations fallout which tends to accompany pollution events.

Our document outlines what constitutes an environmental incident, how your business can manage it, and how to minimise the potential environmental impact. You need to ensure that you comply with it; the enforcement agencies will always evaluate what you have actually done against what you say you will do in the policy.