Introduction to this document

Nuisance noise reduction and control policy and procedure

If you can foresee that noise may create a nuisance, it’s worth having a formal policy in place, which sets out what you will do to manage it. This will be a clear indicator that you’ve recognised the potential for a problem and are prepared to address it. It’s just the sort of thing an inspector will be looking for if they visit.  

Nuisance noise reduction and control

To help you identify the legal implications, understand the terminology and ascertain possible sources of noise, use our Nuisance Noise Reduction and Control Policy and Procedure. The policy section of the document can be amended to fit your business. It gives a clear indication to your staff, and possibly your clients and neighbours, that you’ve recognised noise to be a potential problem, you’re aware of the legal implications and that you’re going to do something about it.

The procedure

This provides guidance on how to establish if nuisance noise is actually a problem and, if it is, what actions should be taken. It also details what needs to be recorded and what is involved in carrying out a basic nuisance noise assessment, together with the requirements for more in-depth noise monitoring studies.