Introduction to this document

Guidance note - duty of care

Waste is a dirty business at the best of times, but not complying with one of the many laws that control waste disposal in the UK can cost you dearly.
To help you decipher these laws, why not use our guidance note?

What is waste?

The definition of “waste” is wide ranging and is used to cover everything that is effectively unwanted; this ranges from normal domestic waste to commercial/industrial waste, builders’ waste, radioactive and other hazardous wastes.

Your duty of care

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, a duty of care was introduced with regards to the management and disposal of waste. The duty of care sets out specific requirements and obligations for those who produce, transport and dispose of waste. We’ve summarised the main points in our Guidance Note - Duty of Care, to help you identify what it means to your business and how you can ensure that you comply with it.