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Water wastage survey

Wasting water not only costs you money, but energy is needlessly expended in bringing it to your door. Use our form to check out your arrangements and pinpoint problems.

Time for a review?

When managing premises it’s easy to get bogged down in the detail of everyday issues. However, if you’re aiming to run your building in an environmentally friendly and efficient way, you need to step back and review how you’re doing.

Our Water Wastage Survey will help you to evaluate your performance regarding water use. It’s designed to identify both immediate and long term improvements which would benefit your business.

The document includes 24 questions covering various aspects of your water system. It’s arranged as a checklist with columns adjacent to the question for you to mark your answer: “Yes”, “No”, or “N/A” (not applicable). If you want to add comments or write down an action point you can tick the “F/I” (further information) column and make your notes in the box provided at the end of the form.

Once completed you will have a list of planned improvements as well as issues which need further investigation.

Warning. Always take advice from a qualified plumber before making changes to your water system as they will understand the technical and legislative factors to be taken into account.



water wastage survey

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