Introduction to this document

Construction/refurbishment fire safety checklist

Having the builders in can lead to increased fire risks that adversely affect your fire safety provision. Why not counter this by using a construction/refurbishment fire safety checklist?

Managing pre-construction risks

At some point, you’re likely to have builders on your premises. Irrespective of the activity, new hazards may be introduced which will have implications for your fire safety provision. For this reason, you may find a Construction/Refurbishment Fire Safety Checklist useful. Its purpose is to enable you to plan ahead and anticipate the most common problems before work starts. Then, once the contractors are on site, you can use the second part of the document to ensure that they don’t render your fire safety arrangements useless.

Using the checklist

The first section looks at what should be considered before work starts. For example, if any delivery vehicles could block fire escape routes, either the vehicle itself or when goods are unloaded. If this will be unavoidable, other questions look at the alternative evacuation arrangements that need to be made. The second part covers day-to-day management and communication issues. The third and final part of the document should be completed after all works are finished.