Introduction to this document

Fire signs checklist

Fire safety signs tend to be forgotten about once installed, but over time they may need to be updated or replaced. Our fire signs checklist will help.

How to use the checklist

Use our document to check that you have all you need, and to ensure signs are correctly in place on an ongoing basis. The list of signs covers fire escape routes and exits, fire doors, fire extinguishers, fire hazards and emergency action.

Before you start, record the building and the work area you are looking at in the spaces provided.

The checklist includes around 30 categories of fire sign, and you should check that signs are present where needed, and that they can be clearly seen. In each case mark the category as Yes” (present), No” (not present, and required) or N/A(not applicable, i.e. not needed). Any corrective action required should be written at the end and the checklist signed and dated.

We recommend that you carry out the checks periodically, at a frequency appropriate to your workplace, e.g. every six months or yearly.