Introduction to this document

Fire log book review

Once you’ve delegated fire safety servicing, testing and inspection tasks, you still need to monitor to ensure that they’re done. Use our form to keep a record.

How to use the form

Keeping a record of management checks at the end of your fire log book is a sensible idea. It’s a reminder to staff that they need to follow your instructions and it’s also good evidence to show during a fire inspection, demonstrating that you are maintaining control.

It’s common practice to carry out this type of check on a quarterly basis. However, they can be more frequent if needed, or less if you can justify it.

What’s covered?

The review covers reference documentation which is specific to the location, such as fire risk assessments, procedures and policy. It also includes a check on in-house weekly and monthly checks, e.g. fire alarm, emergency lighting, as well as servicing records for equipment, where appropriate. The list of what to check is written at the top of the form in the instructions and we would advise you to tailor it to meet any specific requirements.