Introduction to this document

Fire safety officer inspection

Now that inspectors have additional powers, being prepared for a visit is more important than ever. Make sure you keep a record of what was said, any recommendations made etc.

Inspection record

The role of a fire safety officer has changed. Visits used to be quite informal and be based around suggestions and advice. Since the FSO became law, this role has changed to one of enforcement. The visits will now focus on how you’re complying with the new legislation and what steps you’ve taken to identify and then manage the risks. To help you prepare and manage a visit use our Fire Safety Officer Inspection document.

Get prepared

This document should be referred to prior to a visit as it can help you understand what an inspector might do, e.g. ask to look at your risk assessments. After the visit you should record as much information as possible on it, e.g. comments or instructions made. Doing this will provide you with a record of the visit and minimise the risk of forgetting to do something that could result in action being taken. The officer will also send you a report of his visit. This should be attached to your document and any actions transferred to your corrective action plan document.