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Weekly fire alarm test record

If you have an electric fire alarm on the premises with manual alarm call points, then you need to test the alarm on a weekly basis. That’s where our weekly fire alarm test record comes in.

Weekly test

Testing the alarm should involve activation of a different manual alarm call point each time until they’ve all been tested. You can use our Fire Alarm Call Point Register to allocate a unique number to each one, making it much easier to record the tests. Keep the record sheets in the record book section of your fire file.

What’s involved?

You should check that: • all alarm sounders are working and can be heard above background noise and any special alarms, e.g. visual ones for staff with impaired hearing, activate. The designated fire marshal for the area should be allocated the responsibility of reporting any faults • all automatic fire door closers activate and door locks release, where designed to do so • auto diallers/connections to alarm receiving centres are active (Note. If these are in place, then pre-test procedures must include warning those likely to receive a call, to avoid false alarms) The results should be recorded in the columns provided on the form and any defects and resulting action should be detailed on the action plan on the second page.



weekly fire alarm test record

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