Introduction to this document

Fire precautions - emergency lighting

If the lights went out in your building, would everyone be able to find their way to safety? Use our checklist to help you assess the need for emergency lighting and whether it’s properly maintained.

Impaired visibility

A fire will often lead to a building’s power supply being affected. If the lights go out, staff and others may be left panicking, not knowing which way to turn. 

So your fire risk assessment needs to consider the need for emergency lighting. To make this as easy as possible, our Fire Precautions - Emergency Lighting document breaks down the considerations into a series of basic questions. You can record your findings on the form and then transfer any identified improvements to your Corrective Action Report.

What’s covered?

After filling in the details of the current arrangements, the questions run through a check on whether there is sufficient emergency lighting to essential areas and facilities, such as lifts, escape routes and fire fighting equipment. There are also some specific checks that the right type of lighting is provided and that it is subject to routine testing.