Introduction to this document

Fire precautions - inspection, maintenance and testing

Managing fire safety isn’t something that’s completed once and then forgotten about. Doing it properly involves regular checks, inspections and maintenance.  Use our form to evaluate your current arrangements.  

How to use the form

Many problems affecting fire precautions in your building will be picked up through basic vigilance; however, there should also be a formal regime of checks and maintenance. To identify whether you’re doing what’s needed, use our Fire Precautions - Inspection, Maintenance and Testing document. Once completed it should be added to the rest of your risk assessment documents. Any improvements you find are necessary should be transferred to your Fire Management - Corrective Action Report.

What’s included?

This risk assessment covers:

  • general maintenance and repair standards for the premises
  • regular visual inspections
  • testing and servicing of fire alarms, extinguishers and emergency lighting
  • checks of escape routes and exits
  • the competence of those carrying out the inspection, testing and maintenance
  • the maintenance of less common systems such as lightning protection, fire fighting lifts, rising mains, pressurisation systems, fire shutters, smoke control systems, etc.
  • record keeping
  • the logging and follow up of defects.