Introduction to this document

Fire risk assessment review

When your fire risk assessment is due for review, you must re-evaluate all the different elements such as the alarm system, fire extinguishers, staff training and record keeping. Use our form to simplify this task.


Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 you must review your fire risk assessment when there are relevant changes to your premises or activities. You must also make a reassessment if there are other reasons to believe it’s not valid, such as in the event of a fire. In any case your assessment should include a pre-planned review date.

Note. There is no legally required frequency for risk assessment reviews so the assessor is free to choose, based on the level of risk or likelihood of change. Usually this is every one or two years.

When the review is due you might decide to start from scratch with a new set of risk assessment forms. Or you might choose a format which is specifically designed for the purpose such as our Fire Risk Assessment Review template.

Why use it?

Your original document will include a vast amount of detail about your existing buildings, their use, fire prevention measures, fire precautions and procedures. Most of this won’t have changed much when you come to reassess it a year or two later. By using our form you can avoid unnecessarily re-writing reams of text.

How does it work?

Our form asks you to include only the basic details of your business in the first section. Thereafter, we’ve included small tables where you describe aspects which have changed in comparison with your previous risk assessment. For example, you might write about improvements made such as undertaking staff training or adding additional fire extinguishers. Alternatively, there may be a new fire hazard introduced by a change to your manufacturing process or lapse in procedures which were previously well established.

The idea is that you read through your previous risk assessment line by line, identifying anything different and making notes as you go.