Introduction to this document

Guide to using our fire risk assessment system

We have developed two alternative systems for fire risk assessment (FRA), suited for both small and large premises. To explain how to use the various documents we’ve written a short guide.

Why do you need a fire risk assessment?

It is a legal requirement for a FRA to be undertaken for non-domestic premises and in most cases it must be written down.

There are no strict requirements for the format of a FRA which leaves a good degree of leeway for those carrying this out. A very simple form can work well for a straightforward, small premises. But if a building is more complex, or if there’s a higher fire risk because of the way it’s used, you’ll need to provide more detail.

Our system caters for both, with a single form for the simple scenario, and multiple sheets for more complicated situations. To help you to choose the right route and understand its use, use our Guide to Using our Fire Risk Assessment System.