Introduction to this document

Accident claim - management checklist

Since the introduction of “no win, no fee” legislation, many employers have experienced an increase in claims against them. To play it safe, use our checklist to ensure that you have the right information to hand.

Managing accident claims

Unfortunately, accidents are a fact of life and at some point, your business is likely to be faced with one. So it’s important to have the correct paperwork in place for dealing with it. Following the growth of “no win, no fee” companies, you also need to be prepared for a claim being made against you; not just by an employee, but by a visitor or agency worker. A good way of doing this is to use an Accident Claim - Management Checklist.

Using the checklist

This checklist highlights the paperwork which you’re most likely to be asked for in connection with a claim. As well as being forewarned about what to expect, having the right pieces of paper can go a long way in providing you with a defence. There’s also a chance that the claims company may drop the claim as their success often relies on employers not having the correct paperwork in place. The first section prompts you to ensure that you not only have documentation such as relevant risk assessments in place, but also copies of any accident investigation report and minutes of any meetings where the accident was discussed. Other sections look at the areas which are most likely to lead to claims. These include manual handling, work equipment, hazardous substances and use of display screen equipment.