Introduction to this document

First aid kit contents checklist

If a ready-stocked first aid kit doesn’t meet your organisation’s particular needs, you can make up your own. If you need some help, just run through our contents checklist in order to ensure that you leave nothing out.

Contents of first aid kits

One area which can cause confusion relates to the contents of first aid kits. Contrary to popular opinion, there’s no minimum legal requirement. This means that in common with other areas of first aid provision, you can choose the contents according to your own needs and circumstances. If you need some help, use our First Aid Kit Contents Checklist. It sets out a list of basic contents which most off-the-shelf kits will contain as well as some suggestions for extra items. It’s divided into four sections:

Basic items

The first section is a checklist of basic items which can be found as standard in any first aid kit bought from a chemists or catalogue. This means it refers to the most commonly found contents, such as differently sized sterile dressings, eye pads, bandages, safety pins and disposable gloves. Should you employ food handlers, then a supply of blue dressings should be considered as basic.

Extra items

The second section looks at the extras that a risk assessment may determine as necessary. For example, if sharp tools are a feature of your workplace, then an extra supply of plasters would be advisable. Equally, particularly dusty areas may mean that it would be useful to maintain a stock of sealed moist wipes, along with a supply of blankets for outdoor workers, particularly in cold and unpredictable weather.

Extra kit for coronavirus risk

Weve included three additional items based on public health guidelines:. surgical face masks, eye or face protection and disposable aprons.

Travelling first aid kits

For those employees who travel regularly, we’ve used the third and fourth sections to include ideas for travel specific first aid kits. Again, we’ve divided the sections up into “basic” and “extra” items that you may wish to include. For example, for those who may have to travel to much hotter climates, we’ve included insect repellent.