Introduction to this document

Asbestos hotspot checklist

Unless you know that it’s been removed, it’s likely that any premises built before 1999 will contain asbestos. As you have a duty to identify if it’s present, use our checklist to help locate the most likely areas.

Asbestos legislation

Whilst asbestos is a hazardous substance, it doesn’t come under the COSHH Regulations. Instead, requirements surrounding the management of asbestos can be found under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Whilst these regulations only came into force in November 2006, you’ve been under a legal duty to identify whether or not asbestos is present on your premises since 21 May 2004. This still remains, so unless your premises were built after 1999, or you have evidence that all asbestos has been removed, this could apply to you. Current estimates suggest that several hundred thousand commercial buildings still contain asbestos. Certain areas of buildings are far more likely than others to contain it and an Asbestos Hotspot Checklist can help you highlight the areas where it’s most likely to exist.

Asbestos checklist

One checklist can be used for each building or area. If you have information on previous work which has been carried out on your premises and any old plans, this would be useful in helping you make some checks. However, the purpose of this checklist is to make visual checks only. Disturbing or removing panels etc. should be left to a qualified asbestos surveyor after the necessary safety precautions have been taken. If you do have reason to suspect that asbestos may be present, you have a legal duty to identify the amount and its condition. This must be done by a licensed Health & Safety Commission consultant or contractor.