Introduction to this document

Asbestos record - routine monitoring

If you own or manage premises, you have a duty to prevent exposure to asbestos and one of the actions to be taken is to monitor the condition of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Use our document to record your findings.

Asbestos management

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 state that those who have control over the maintenance of non-domestic premises must manage the risks of ACMs. If you have ACMs that are to remain in place you will need a system of checking that they remain in good condition.

Appoint someone with the competency to carry out an inspection and provide them with our document Asbestos Record - Routine Monitoring.

Using our document

Our document is to be used to describe the condition of one item on your asbestos register. For example, one form for ceiling tiles in the IT suite, and a second one for an asbestos cement sheet roof on your shed. The completed documents can be collated at the end into a monitoring report.

Note. The frequency at which you carry out monitoring will depend on what’s been set out in your asbestos management plan. An annual check is relatively usual, but you might decide it should be more frequent if there’s a greater chance of disturbance.

Time should be taken to properly inspect each ACM as even the smallest break can cause exposure. This can be dangerous for all who use the room due to fibres being released into the atmosphere.