Introduction to this document

Construction site safety induction record

Our document helps to ensure that the right information is covered and provides a comprehensive record of what was included. Plus, it makes sure that completing the record is the worker’s responsibility. 

What’s covered?

The form includes instructions for use, explaining that the worker should complete all the details, ticking “Yes” or “No” as appropriate to the questions. It includes:

  • details of the worker - their name, address, occupation and qualifications
  • fire, first aid and accidents - a check that procedures are understood
  • hazards and risks - such as those identified in their own risk assessments, those they might create to others on the site, wearing of the correct PPE etc.
  • housekeeping and waste - good practices in housekeeping and segregation of wastes
  • security - signing in and out, public safety
  • plant and equipment - including the condition of tools brought on site, safe isolation of services, work at height
  • getting around -  areas in which access is and isn’t permitted for pedestrians and vehicles, smoking areas, welfare facilities
  • play your part - outlining personal responsibilities for worker behaviour including outlawing work under the influence of drugs and alcohol and also encouraging participation in site safety arrangements.

It’s signed by the worker and details are checked by the site representative. As instructed, completed forms should be held securely on file.