Introduction to this document

Construction supervisor’s checklist

You probably realise that you need to monitor site safety, but are
you sure of what to check, and do you have a record of the checks made? If the answer is “no”, our Construction Supervisor’s Checklist should help.

When and how to use the form

The checklist is aimed at those supervising small-scale construction projects such as minor alterations and repairs to premises. We recommend that you tailor the form so that it matches the hazards, issues and working methods which are relevant to your business. Our list is based on the common problems you’re likely to find, so adjusting it to fit your organisation shouldn’t be difficult.

Not just the obvious

Often, this type of small-scale work involves working on an occupied site where members of the public and staff could be present. That’s why our checklist includes issues such as the need to keep fire escape routes unobstructed and to store materials safely. The checklist doesn’t only include the obvious areas like checking the condition of equipment or that the work site is tidy. It also covers the team’s familiarity with the site rules and emergency procedures, whether they have checked for the presence of asbestos or hidden services and whether they’ve checked in with the client representative. There are also suggested checks on the quality of workmanship and manner of working which should protect your business reputation as well as your safety record.