Introduction to this document

Safety briefing - contaminated land

This briefing provides essential information for those working on contaminated land.

What’s covered?

The aim of this Safety Briefing - Contaminated Land is to ensure that workers understand the risks when work takes place which may disturb contaminants and the actions required of them so as to reduce the risks.

Reasons for concern

The hazards associated with contaminated land include health hazards from dusts, chemicals and radiation, fire and explosion hazards from fuels and unexploded bombs and those created by voids or weakened ground. Some hazards affect those carrying out the work, but there can also be risks to neighbours, those drinking water from sources which could be contaminated, those who use the land after the work is completed, and the wildlife and ecosystem in general.

Control measures

The briefing includes a list of measures which workers must take including familiarising themselves with site rules relating to contaminated land. The wearing of protective clothing and prompt reporting of concerns are also emphasised.

Key points

The key points remind staff of the hazards associated with contaminated land:

  • “Make sure you follow any site-specific rules to contain the contaminated materials in the designated areas.
  • Protect yourself with good hygiene practices and the effective use of personal protective clothing.
  • If you discover unexpected materials or new concerns, inform your supervisor or a manager immediately.”