Introduction to this document

Toolbox talk - CDM 2015

When you’re starting a new construction project it’s beneficial to remind your team of their own and others’ roles and responsibilities for health and safety. Use our toolbox talk for this purpose.

Not what it seems

Construction projects involve many different parties, from the client at one end, to individual workers at the other, with designers, principal contractors and specialist subcontractors in between. To ensure that health and safety doesn’t fall through the gaps, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 set out the responsibilities of each duty holder in the chain.

Knowledge boost

Our Toolbox Talk - CDM 2015 is primarily of use when briefing those who will have a management or administrative role in construction work, although you could use the template to deliver a slimmed down introduction for on-the-ground workers.

The benefits of providing a briefing are that the names of key roles will become familiar and there will be an understanding of who should be doing what in terms of health and safety. This will help the project run more smoothly.

Our document begins with a space to note who is delivering the talk and the date. The large space on the top left can be used for photographs or an organogram of your project team. From there on you should not need to tailor the content although you may like to refer to specific roles by name as you work through it.