Introduction to this document

Bomb threat checklist

Whilst the risk of a terrorist attack is small for most businesses, it’s still advisable to be prepared. Our bomb threat checklist can help you do this by allowing you to record key details to pass on to the police.

Bomb threats

Whilst the threat of a conventional terrorist attack is small for the majority of businesses, it’s best to be prepared - just in case. If you do receive a threat, it’s most likely to be made by telephone. So consider training your receptionists or switchboard operators on the information to note down if such a call is made to your premises. A Bomb Threat Checklist is useful in helping you do this.

Checklist questions

The checklist is designed to cover the key questions to ask a caller, such as the bomb’s location, appearance and when it’s due to go off. Other areas of the checklist allow you to record caller details, such as accent and gender, as well as any background noise. After the form has been completed, the information can be passed on to the police.