Introduction to this document

Cash handling checklist

If you handle large quantities of cash, it’s important to manage its safety as well as that of those who handle it. With this in mind, we have devised a cash handling checklist to help you do this.

Security measures

Another category of employee who may be at risk is those who handle cash as part of their job role. For this reason, a Cash Handling Checklist is useful; especially for those businesses which hold a lot of cash on the premises. It will help ensure that any cash-handling area is secure and that good working practices are in place. For ease of use, our checklist is divided into five sections.

Cash handling checklist

The first part considers how cash is handled and collected. This looks at a variety of areas including minimising the amount of cash that’s held and whether or not you use an accredited company to handle your cash (for large amounts). The second section prompts you to look at the cash holding area and its existing level of security. This doesn’t just refer to ease of access, but to where the area is located within your premises and the strength of any partitions, walls or windows. The third and fourth sections consider what restrictions you have on staff access to this area, as well as staff safety. This includes lone working and the provision of any deterrents such as CCTV cameras. The final section concentrates on what procedures you have in place, e.g. what to do in the event of a raid.