Introduction to this document

Flow chart - self-isolation

Changes to the coronavirus self-isolation rules for “close contacts” are potentially confusing. Use our flow chart as a quick reference guide.

The rules

In August 2021 the four nations of the UK altered the requirements for self-isolation for those who have been in close contact with someone symptomatic for coronavirus. This allows those who are fully vaccinated to go about life as normal, provided they test negative. However, this apparently simple amendment became complex. The rule makers needed to account for different categories of individual, e.g. the vaccinated, unvaccinated, medically unable to be vaccinated, the young and those who have taken part in a vaccine trial.

To help we’ve produced a Flow Chart - Self-isolation. It illustrates the requirements in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

At the top of each page there’s a choice of route. On the left we’ve shown how the rules apply when someone has been contacted by a government contact tracing service or lives in a household with someone who is symptomatic. On the right there’s a decision tree for those who are exhibiting symptoms themselves