Introduction to this document

Health and safety arrangements - audit

Although you might think that your health and safety policy is effective and risk assessments have been completed, an audit frequently proves otherwise. Our audit document will assist you in evaluating your procedures.

Why do you need it?

Many people assume that having a health and safety policy in place - even if it sits on a shelf gathering dust - will tick all the legal boxes. However, knowing what you should be doing but failing to do it will be viewed very dimly by inspectors. So to make sure that what’s written down actually occurs, you need to complete an audit. This is where our Health and Safety Arrangements - Audit document comes in.

All bases  covered

Twelve sections cover all aspects of health and safety management, from producing a health and safety policy to identifying what personal protective equipment should be issued to staff.

Note. Although we’ve tried to cover most areas, there may be additional issues that you have to deal with. For this reason, Section 12, “Other”, provides extra space.

Table layout

When answering the questions there are three options - “Yes”, “No” and “N/A”. Plus, there’s a fourth column to indicate where further information is needed, which can be inserted on the final page.

At the end of the document is an “Action plan” section. Here you should identify how you intend to address the non-conformity identified in your audit.