Introduction to this document

Health and safety record keeping

Many pieces of health and safety legislation include a requirement to retain records, such as risk assessments, accident reports, etc. Use our new guide to check that you’re on track.

Hidden requirements

To ensure that you have the correct records you would usually need to familiarise yourself with the contents of a number of pieces of legislation. To save you the trouble of searching for these details, we’ve produced a Health and Safety Record Keeping Guide. It focuses on the more common legislative requirements which apply to most. Note. If you’re in a specialist field, you’ll need to check for any additional requirements for your industry.

Why do so?

Many types of record are required by law, therefore the strongest argument for keeping them is that it’s a criminal offence not to.

Having the necessary documents readily to hand will be useful should you ever be asked to produce them, e.g. to defend a claim or threatened enforcement action. They may also help you to identify emerging problems, e.g. a trend in minor accidents might point to a greater injury risk.