Introduction to this document

PPE issue record

If you provide staff with personal protective equipment (PPE), you should keep a detailed record of what’s been handed out and when.

What’s covered?

The first part of our PPE Issue Record asks you to identify the employee receiving the PPE, their job title and start date.

What to issue

In the first column, Nature of PPE issued we’ve listed the most common items of PPE issued. Here you’ll find: “Safety glasses/goggles”; “Face visor/facemask”; “Respirator/breathing apparatus”; “Ear defenders/ear plugs; “Protective footwear” and more.

When to use the document?

Complete it each time that new PPE is issued. Insert the date and ask the employee to sign to confirm they have been issued with the item. Also, bring the following statement to their attention: I confirm that the above PPE has been issued to me and I understand that it is my responsibility to wear it when required. I have been trained in the correct use, storage, cleaning and care of the PPE and also understand that I must report any lost or defective/damaged items immediately to my manager or supervisor who will reissue as applicable.

Note. If you decide to add to a current list, put a note to identify the date on which additional items were issued.