Introduction to this document

Project risk assessment information

If you use generic documents but are asked to make them
project-specific, you can do so by attaching a front sheet that includes the required information.

Same risks, different sites

If your staff carry out very similar tasks on numerous sites, completing new risk assessments each time they visit a new premises is pointless. After all, if the risks stay the same, your control measures can too. However, some clients, notably the larger ones, don’t see it like this. They are demanding a “project-specific” risk assessment for each job completed on their premises.

Easy option

To help you to get around this problem, we’ve created a new document - Project Risk Assessment Information. This can be used as a front sheet and should make the entire document project-specific. Note. You’re not going to get away with putting this sheet on a risk assessment that bears no resemblance to the work being completed. This document should only be used when the generic risk assessment reflects the hazards and associated risks being faced.