Introduction to this document

Risk assessment training record

It’s vital that your staff are trained on your risk assessments and know what’s expected of them. You can record this process on our document.

What’s covered?

An employer’s legal duty regarding risk assessments doesn’t stop at completing the process. You must also make staff aware of the findings. You can use our Risk Assessment Training Record to guide you through this process. 

Why bother?

Going through this process will greatly reduce your liability. If  a member of staff ignores your rules and an accident results, you’ll be able to prove that you’ve taken reasonable steps get important safety messages across.

How to use it?

In the Risk assessment covered” column, you should list the risk assessments that your staff need to be made aware of. For example, they may complete manual handling, use potentially hazardous substances, operate machinery, etc. In this case make sure that they are briefed on the assessment that covers each of these tasks.


You should go through this procedure any time that a risk assessment is completed or updated. If what’s written down differs from what staff have been told - even slightly - it may be difficult to prove that you’ve met your legal duties.